Release Notes - 18.10.02

Sprint Goal: Ensure the SMS feature is refactored to deal with error handling and sending failures. Also to establish a refined approach to the management of Templates.

Upgrade Date: 04/11/18



SMS - Handle Text Anywhere API Errors

Error processing within our SMS feature has been enhanced to examine the overall result for the whole message send instance and each individual recipient send success.
Note: the result of each individual message send is for it reaching the TextAnywhere API (not the mobile operator to the end user's mobile).

The blue bar alert now displays more information on the result of SMS message sending, particularly when an error occurs.
An error report is now also provided when a single or mass SMS send fails (including if a small number within the recipients fail). A link is provided within a notification for this.


Add Icons To Company, Contact and Placement From Experience Records

Within a candidate record, on the "Experience" tab, there are now link icons within the list of experience table to allow quick access to the associated contact, company and placement.


Candidate Status Update On Placement

There are now options within global settings to set the candidate status to use when an offer is accepted and these can differ between contract and perm roles.

If these are set then in addition a history is created against the candidate to record the change of status and why.



Bug Fixes

Duplicate Records Issue On CV Parser

The duplicate check within CV parsing will now only report potential duplicates if they exist


Alert Text Issue

The users can now select Alert as an option in selection and search results and this will show either the specific record alert text or the default text for the alert level selected.


Help With Symbols In Templates

A bug has been fixed where an apostrophe character in an email template would appear as a HTML code when previewing the email template.

Additional read only settings were also applied when in Preview mode to lock down fields such as template selection, merge field selection and subject.


Setting Checklist values Auto Collapses The Form

A bug has been resolved where editing a checklist item would cause the checklist form to close.


Sprint Review

Work undertaken between: 16/10/18 – 29/10/18

Please watch our short video summarising the work undertaken for this sprint.

Runtime: 8:35