Release Notes - 18.10.01

Sprint Goal: Complete the work required to move email sending into the background service for optimised performance and conduct of review of the Azure API Management Service.

Upgrade Date: 21/10/18



Move the Bulk Email Sending Process Into the Background Worker Role Service

The process of sending emails from Colleague7 has been moved so that the processing now takes place in a separate Azure service. 

This work was done to improve performance for Colleague 7 users. and also to allow our team to be able to quickly identify any potential problems with the service.

The key change from a users perspective will be that on sending a bulk email the send will be processed in the background. So the email will promptly minimise on send and then when it has been processed in the background the user will receive a notification confirming that the emails were sent successfully.

In the event of a failure, the user will be able to download an error report advising which emails failed to send and the reason for the failure. This error report can be passed on to Support if further investigation is then required.


The 'Add' option in search does not use a partial view

The 'Add' button in the Search now uses the lookup partial view to allow the user to search for records to add, instead of navigating to a Selection screen

Please note: this only applies to Candidate, Company and Contact Search. Clicking 'Add' on Requirement Search still navigates the user to the Requirement Selection screen. This will be updated in the future.



Update to Reports Interface

When entering report criteria if the user selects a specific date range e.g. This Month, then the date from and to fields will no longer be displayed.


Increase width of Templates area

The Template Details area in Templates has been widened.


Recent Items to Include Date Last Viewed

The Recent Items table now shows a Last Viewed column, which displays the date/time when the record was visited.


Bug Fixes

Spec CV Sent History Text Needs Contact Name

When a candidate is sent to a contact either as a single send or from a search, the contact name is now included in the history text. On the candidate record the company name is also included in the text.


Help With Updating Existing Candidate

Fixed bug in "Update Existing Candidate" view (after parsing a CV) where rows would erroneously be removed when clicking 'Update' on another row.

Also added an Update All button which will update the record with all the "New Values" in the table in one process. All rows will then be removed to signify that the process has succeeded.


A history log will be created to track an 'Update All' process when it has been run.


Show Interview Stage on History Log

The Interview Type is now included in the history text when arranging or editing an interview.


Social Media Links Not Being Recorded

There was an issue saving Social Media Links on contacts with an id > 32767. This has now been resolved.

Sprint Review

Work undertaken between: 02/10/18 – 15/10/18

Please watch our short video summarising the work undertaken for this sprint.

Runtime: 17:30