Release Notes - 18.09.02

Sprint Goal: Refine email sending to use the background service for optimised performance and begin the project to integrate Colleague 7 with Broadbean.

Upgrade Date: 07/10/18



Option to 'Discard & Update' from Spec CV workflow

It is now possible to record a Spec CV being sent without sending the email. When selecting 'Spec CV Send to Contact' and after selecting a Contact, the Send Email form is shown and the 'Discard & Update' button will also be present.



Clicking on this button will close the Email form, but still create a "Spec CV Sent" record on all the respective entities: Candidate/Company/Contact.
The 'Discard & Update' button will also appear when 'Spec CV Sent to Multiple Contacts' from a Candidate record and then clicking 'Send' on the subsequent Search.
The 'Discard & Update' button will also appear when carrying a Contact Search, linking a Candidate to the Search and then selecting the 'Send Spec CV to Contact(s)' option in the Candidate Link drop down menu.
Finally, a tooltip has been added to the 'Discard & Update' button explaining what the button does.

Process to Undo the Removal of a Candidate in Requirement Candidates (Undo Removed Candidate)

It is now possible to "Undo Removed Candidate(s)" on the Candidates tab of a Requirement record.
Check the checkbox on a Removed Candidate and the new "Undo Removed Candidate(s)" option in the 'Candidates' dropdown will be enabled.
Click on this option and the table will refresh on completion and show the Candidate return to their previous state (either Longlist or Shortlist). The process also works on multiple Removed Candidates.

Bug Fixes

GDPR Status Update - Cloud vs Manual - Ensure Latest is Always Used

The GDPR Consent process flows within the system have been updated to ensure:

 - If you manually set the consent status of a candidate/contact record after a recipient has replied it will not be overridden.

 - Adding a 'Request GDPR Consent' link to an email is now always possible, to cover instances where users may wish to renew consent.


History Not Created Against Contact

Processes that create contact histories that were not examining if the contact had been a leaver now does so. Contact histories are now visible following a contact moving companies.


Sprint Review

Work undertaken between: 18/09/18 – 01/10/18

Please watch our short video summarising the work undertaken for this sprint.

Runtime: 12:09