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Recruitment Technology Revolution: Just around the corner or more of the same? #RecHangout




Join us for a #RecHangout special on the 7th October – the day before UK Recruiter’s Technology Showcase in central London  – as we discuss what the hell is going on with recruitment technology?

Recruitment is about finding people and forming long lasting relationships, right? So recruitment should be one of the most technology savvy industries in the world, correct? Well we will be bringing some clever people onto our show to discuss just these questions. You can join the conversation too,  on Twitter #RecHangout and our live chat stream.

- The latest tech and new inventions
- The latest trends: video, psychometrics, ‘big data’, the CRM, inbound marketing, sourcing
- What should you, as a recruitment leader, be looking out for?
- What do recruitment businesses need to do to become data businesses

Our hosts include:

Alan Whitford – Abtech Partnership
Louis Welcomme – Colleague Software
Mark Stephens – Smart Recruit Online
Louise Triance – UK Recruiter and host of the Recruitment Technology Showcase

Our guests include:

Stephen O'Donnell – PC Evaluate and host of the National Online Recruitment Awards
Clair Bush – Broadbean
Christine Tautari – The Needle
Jack Parsons – Yourfeed and


The #RecHangout is hosted by Alan Whitford (RCEuro / Abtech Partnership), Louis Welcomme (Colleague Software), Mark Stephens (The Recruitment Alliance / Smart Recruit Online) and Louise Triance (UK Recruiter).


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