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Can algorithm do a better job of matching the right candidates with the right jobs? #RecHangout



Join this month's #RecHangout episode on the 6th July at 1pm BST / GMT+1 as we look how semantic, assessment, matching and AI technologies are helping recruiters and recruitment businesses match the right candidates with the right jobs. We'll be asking our guests, can algorithm really help recruiters do a better job of matching the right candidates with the right jobs?

The #RecHangout is a monthly recruitment chat show hosted by Alan Whitford (RCEuro / Abtech Partnership), Louis Welcomme (Colleague Software), Mark Stephens (Smart Recruit Online) and Louise Triance (UK Recruiter).

Joining us on the show are: 

Jakub Zavrel, owner of semantic recruitment technology business, Textkernel

Dr Gorkan Ahmetoglu, Lecturer of Business Psychology at University College London and principle at Meta Profiling Ltd

Darshana Narayanan, Head of Research at Pymetrics. 

We'll be discussing... 

- Can algorithm match the right candidate to the right job?

- How can data help you make quality candidate assessments? 

- Can technology reduce bias in the selection process?

- What technology and practices should your agency be using to match candidates with jobs?

- How will intelligent machines and semantic technology affect recruiting and the way we work?

- What does the future look like?


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