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Advanced techniques for using LinkedIn to source candidates and leads - #RecHangout



On the 9th April at 4pm GMT (we are now on British Summer Time) Mike Clark, LinkedIn Trainer, MD of Really Connect, and Bert Verdonck, LinkedIn Trainer and co-founder of Really Connect will be joining the Recruiters Hangout to discuss, advanced techniques for using LinkedIn to source candidates and leads.

The Recruiter's Hangout is broadcast live via Google+ Hangouts on Air every other Wednesday at 1pm GMT (normally) and is hosted by Alan Whitford - Recruitment Strategist from Abtech Partnership - and supported by Louis Welcomme from Colleague Software, Louise Triance from UK Recruiter and Mark Stephens from the Technology in Recruitment Alliance and founder of the F10 Group. 

Below: Find out how to take part, find out how to watch, view upcoming and past hangouts, and connect with your hosts. 


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How do I watch?


1. The easiest way to watch is to wait for the Youtube stream to appear on The Recruiter's Hangout page at the time of the broadcast.

2. Alternatively you can watch the show on Google+. Find the event page, search for the hashtag #RecHangout or add the G+ host and look out for the broadcast on their feed.

3. We will also broadcast a link on our social channels, Google+ community and LinkedIn group.

4. Sign up to our email list below to receive a reminder before the show is due to start. 


How do I take part?

1.   Anyone is welcome to take part in the show directly. To do this you must have a Google+ account and you must add the G+ host to your ‘circles.’

2.   The host will add you to his ‘circles’ and you will receive an invite to join the Hangout a few minutes before the broadcast starts. You will join us in the ‘green room.’ At this point the Hangout is not live.

3.   You can also join the Hangout after the show starts to broadcast.

4.   Look out for the invitation to join the Hangout in your Google+ notifications or on the host's feed. You will have the option to join the Hangout or just watch the stream if you have received an invitation.

5.   The other way you can join the discussion is through our hashtag #rechangout on Google+ or Twitter. We monitor this hashtag and will pass your comments and questions onto our guests live during the show.

6. You can also post to our online groups: including our Google+ community and LinkedIn group.

7.   Louis Welcomme is very happy to guide you through this process. Please speak to him on 01603 735932 or email

8.   If you’re interested in being a featured guest please do get in touch with one of the hosts. We are welcome suggestions for show topics and themes. 


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