Customer Webinar: Colleague’s new CV parser and the future of semantic recruitment technology



Join our customer webinar on the 13th July at 1pm BST / GMT+1 to find out more about Colleague Software’s new partnership with Textkernel, and its parsing technology, Extract! – now integrated as standard into Colleague.

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  • Who are Textkernel and why have we partnered with them

  • How will the adoption and integration of Textkernel’s CV Parser technology affect Colleague users

  • Why and how Textkernel is leading in semantic technology innovation

  • What can users expect next from our partnership

  • How intelligent machines will affect the future of recruitment

  • Find out more about Textkernel's other tools



Philip Van Leeuwen, Partner Manager at TextKernel

Louis Welcomme, Communications Manager at Colleague Software

David Payne, Implementations Manager at Colleague Software.


Who is this for?

At Colleague we are now running webinars for customers concerning key updates, product news and changes that might affect them. This webinar would be useful to both users, as well as managers and directors.