Looking Ahead To 2015 - Colleague Consultancy Trends - Training and Self-Help



Though the trends of 2014 still indicate a large retained interest in formal training sessions, 2014 saw a continued shift towards an online self-service training mechanism.  

Keeping up this momentum, Colleague has begun developing integrations that will offer intuitive assistance within the CRM, taking significant steps towards a public facing knowledge base for clients and an intuitive workflow for requesting assistance from the Support team.

Colleague also established a revised agenda and approach to delivering both online and onsite training in 2014.

Self Help - It’s Not Just About Saving Money

Traditionally, digital self-service implementations have been largely an operational mechanism focused on efficiency and money saving, but the main drivers today are more about providing customers with great service.

The IVA (Intelligent Virtual Agent) market, valued at $352 million in 2012, is projected to climb to more than $2.1 billion by 2019; indicating a clear trend within the market.

We are committed to updating our online help service with new features and useful content and throughout the year we introduced the first of what is now a suite of online videos covering the standard functionality within Colleague

We recommend that this area is utilised by any consultants uncertain of how to use a piece of functionality in Colleague, and welcome any suggestions or feedback.

Onsite Training

Requesting our trainer to visit a client’s office is still proving to be the most popular training method available. In 2014, 85% of the training delivered to the existing Colleague client base was done so on client site, with it forming 18% of the overall consultancy undertaken throughout the year.

Colleague offers a number of well-established training sessions, which offer the flexibility to be both structured and yet bespoke to your needs. The four main training courses are:

- User Training
- Refresher User Training
- System Admin Training
- Back Office Training

Whether it be via a meeting room to multiple delegates or one to one at a user’s desk, we are happy to suit our training delivery to accommodate your requirements.


Typically for new starters or focused refresher sessions, our online training solution allows attendees to receive Colleague training at their desk.

Similar to the onsite training courses, having the course hosted online still supports the delivery of User, Refresher and Sys Admin courses, though they will often be summarised in comparison to suit the nature of the training method.

We continue to see a rise in the uptake of Online Training and look forward to watching how this method evolves overtime.

If you are interested in any of the points discussed in this article or would like to learn more about Colleague’s products and services please contact our sales team on 01603 735935. Alternatively, if you’re a Colleague client please speak with your Account Manager on 01243 629850 or email support@colleaguesoftware.com if you would like to find out more or book a training session.