Is your SQL Database covered? Colleague Software SQL Database Support



Did you know that Colleague Software offers proactive SQL Database Support?

The maintenance and protection of your SQL database is imperative. It will safeguard your business to ensure that you do not fall victim to loss of data, instability, speed issues and backup restoration failures. Consider it an insurance policy on your data.

Colleague’s Standard Support covers:

- Support of the standard Software installation relating to user, administration and configuration issues.
- Service Pack upgrades which are released to resolve issues within the software, these include developed enhancements released within the latest Colleague version (V6).
- Allocation of a Colleague Account Manager.

As part of an advanced support service, Colleague can offer SQL support. This covers the proactive maintenance and support of your SQL server in respect of:

- Implementation and administration of maintenance routines to back up the database and record transaction logs to disk.
- Implementation and administration of routines to check data integrity.
- Provision of services to relocate the SQL database(s) to new servers as and when required.
- Maintenance of documentation relating to current database configuration.
- Restoration of database in the event of a system failure. 

Though it doesn't have to be Colleague, the cover of your SQL requires ownership. Please ensure you have this managed to avoid any unnecessary disruptions to your business.

If you have any questions regarding Colleague’s SQL Support Cover please speak with your Account Manager on 01243629850 or email