Did you know you can send texts using Colleague?



Did you know that Colleague has SMS functionality? 

- 91 percent of adults keep their smartphones within arm’s reach. (Source: Morgan Stanley).
- There are 5x as many mobile phones in the world as there are PCs. (Source: ImpigoMobile)
- Brands using SMS successfully reach 95 percent of smartphone and non-smartphone users. (Source: GoMoNews.com)
- 90 percent of text messages get read within 3 minutes of delivery. (Source: ImpigeMobileStrategy.com)

Check the stats - the open rate of text messages is a whopping 98% compared to the 22% open rate of emails. The numbers are clearly telling us how people prefer to be contacted.

Our integration with an SMS supplier offers you the ability to text your candidates/contacts within Colleague and record the message against their record. This is run by pressing the SMS button when in a Candidate/Contact record: 

Colleague SMS send

This pulls through the person’s mobile number and generates the below window which allows you to enter a message:

send sms message colleague software

There is also functionality allowing the recipient to reply to the SMS and have it come through as an email to the sender.

SMSs that are sent without a contact to reply to come through with the company name as the header.

SMSs that allow the recipient to reply come through as a unique mobile number:

SMS Message Received Colleague

You can also batch SMS multiple Candidate/Contacts by selecting them in the search result:

SMS Candidate Search

Though the SMS feature is provided through a third party, from an invoicing perspective, everything comes through Colleague.

There is no setup charge and this is a pay as you use service. The cost of the SMS messages you send are added as an additional module to the existing invoicing you receive from Colleague.

If you would like to set up SMS on your system, are interested in costs or have any other questions regarding this feature, please speak with your Account Manager on 01243629850 or email support@colleaguesoftware.com.