Colleague Software integrates and partners with Textkernel



We at Colleague Software are very pleased to announce our partnership with the leading semantic recruitment technology company, Textkernel. 

Textkernel's Extract CV parser will now be offered as standard to our customers as an integrated part of Colleague 6 - our recruitment CRM. Our parser integration can offer a higher degree of accuracy, is multilingual and is maintained and updated by Textkernel – utilising advanced semantic language technology and expertise.

Based in Amsterdam, Textkernel is an innovative, fast-growing software company that specialises in information extraction, document understanding, web mining and semantic searching & matching in the Human Resources sector. Textkernel’s products and services are used by more than 1,000 satisfied organisations worldwide.

Our partnership reflects Colleague's long term strategy to integrate and work with the most innovative technology businesses that help make recruiters mor productive, connected and intelligent in the way they work. 


Key Features:

  • The Textkernel integration replaces Colleague’s CV parsing tool as the default CV parser on Colleague 6.

  • The parser converts unstructured CVs into a structured, tagged format within Colleague 6.  You can parse a document by importing a document directly into Colleague 6, or simply parse an email attachment within Microsoft Outlook using the Colleague add-in.

  • The Textkernel CV parser works to a higher degree of accuracy than our previous parser and is maintained and updated by Textkernel.

  • The integration is delivered via a web service which, when processing a CV, will upload your document and then download the parsed information.

Terms of Use:

  • Users of the Textkernel CV parser will be issued a quota, allowing you to parse 1,000 CVs per user, per annum. This quota is not limited to specific users; it is spread across the company based on your total user count (i.e. a 10 user client will be able to process 10,000 CVs per annum, regardless as to whichever user processes the CVs).

  • There is no additional charge for the use of Textkernel, provided that the users remain within their allocated quota.

  • In the instance of a client going over their allocated quota, a rate of 10p per CV will be issued against their account.

  • The client will also be given the option to retain Colleague’s parser instead of using the Textkernel Extract parser, but it will no longer be supported or enhanced.

  • Stats of usage can be provided on request.


Textkernel Integration Notes:

The user will require an internet connection for the integration to work correctly.


If you're interested in finding out more, or if you're a client and want help setting up this integration, please do get in touch on 01603 735935 or email