Our recruitment software solution is able to support a number of different business environments, from single users up to large corporations with multiple offices.

Colleague, our recruitment software offering, can be hosted either in the cloud via our Colleague Live service or on premise via your own servers. Whether you are a single user or a large corporation, Colleague is suitable for a range of business and technical environments. 

In either scenario we will guide you through Colleague's implementation every step of the way.

We're happy to provide advice on what the best solution is for your business and your situation - however the technically savvy you can find more detailed information about what environments and specifications are supported below.

Contact us on 01603 735935 or email for more information. 


PC minimum specification

Dual core processor 1.6Ghz or above.


200Mb free HDD space.

The following operating systems are supported:

• Microsoft Windows Vista Business®.
• Microsoft Windows Vista Ultimate®.
• Microsoft Windows 7 Professional®.
• Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate®.
• Microsoft Windows 8 Professional®.
• Microsoft Windows 10®.

Both x86 & x64 versions of Microsoft Windows® are supported.

The following Microsoft Office® versions are supported:

• Microsoft Office 2007 (x86 & x64).

• Microsoft Office 2010 (x86 & x64).

• Microsoft Office 2013 (x86 & x64).

Browsers supported:

Microsoft Internet Explorer® Version 11.
Microsoft Internet Explorer Version 10.


Site 1: 2-5 users

Single office, with 2-5 users, using Colleague with Microsoft Outlook® integration.

Example network:

Colleague would require a dedicated PC for hosting the database. The client PCs would ideally be connected via a wired LAN.


Recommended server PC specification:

Intel Core i5 or equivalent.
320 GB HDD.
Microsoft Windows 7\8\10.
Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 Express with Advanced Services (available as a free download).
Backup solution.


Site 2: 6 users +

Single office, 6 users or above, using Colleague with Microsoft Outlook integration.

Example network:

Due to limitations with the express version of SQL Server, Colleague would require a more scalable version. Microsoft Small Business Server 2011 with the premium add-on includes a copy of SQL Server 2008 Small Business Edition. The network example is based round the SBS 2011 recommended configuration.

Database server recommended specification (6-20 users):

Intel Xeon Quad Core processor.
500 GB HDD (RAID 1 or RAID 5 is recommended for redundancy).
Microsoft Windows 2008 Server R2.
(included with SBS 2011 Premium).
Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 Small Business Edition.
(included with SBS 2011 Premium).


Site 3: Corporate

Larger corporate network.

Site 3

Office 1 Head office with a dedicated Microsoft SQL Server because of the high number of connections.

Office 2 is without reliable communications so have opted to use replication, this allows the users to continue working on Colleague if the link with the head office is unavailable.

Office 3 has good communication and uses remote desktops to connect to the database. This saves on the expense of having to purchase and maintain an additional server.  A remote desktop can also be used to allow employees access from home.


Site 4: Cloud Service, Colleague Live 

Colleague Live is a hosted solution which allows users to connect remotely via a browser or a remote desktop connection. This option is useful if you have a need for users to work remotely away from the office. It also helps simplify your IT needs as all of your email, database and file storage are kept on the Colleague Live servers and are securely backed up.

Colleague Live