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Recruiters, you've got to be at #TruLondon50 this Friday



Join us at #TruLondon, aka The Recruitment Unconference, this Friday for an eclectic range of 50 workshops and tracks featuring discussions and experts from every element of the recruiting and people industry - technologies, trends, strategies, marketing, HR, tools, sourcing and more. 

This year's new venue is the beautiful l Dutch Hall, 7 Austin Friars, in central London. This renovated church dates back to 1550 and is a unique setting for the unconference. 

This year it's the man in the hats birthday. #Tru founder, Bill Boorman turns 50! (hence #TruLondon50) So it's a very special #Tru with drinks at St. Moritz bar in Soho following the day's events. 

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What is #TruLondon?

Why #tru50, you ask? [tickets80x25]  Well it coincides with Bill’s 50th birthday, that’s why.  #tru is back in its hometown, London. This time we are doing things different, launching #truMunity, where the event, the track leaders, the sponsors, supporters and track leaders and agenda are determined by the participants. We have got rid of early bird tickets, discount codes and everything else associated with a normal conference. Attendance is restricted to 150, and if you want a ticket, make a donation of what you think it is worth to you.

An unconference is a gathering of minds, experiences and opinions where the attendees (or active participants) lead the conversation. There are 4 simple rules:

No Presentations
No PowerPoint
No Name Badges
No Pitching

Apart from that, anything goes. We don’t have presentations because the best knowledge is in the room. By bringing together participants from all kinds of backgrounds with a shared interest. Job Boards, Recruiters (Corporate and Agency), Technologists, Mobile Specialists, Branding Companies and more, all with a shared interest in talent attraction from a different perspective. No talking heads to listen to and nod or nod off.

No PowerPoint because we want the eyes to meet in the middle and everyone to have the floor. Each track, (session), has track leaders with a background in the topic, but their job is to start the conversation, be available for reference and sum things up. The stars always come from the participants. (We select track-leaders from participants at previous events.)

No name badges because we believe that if you don’t know who someone is you should introduce yourself and start talking. No need stare at their chest to work out if they are worth it.No pitching because we don’t have exhibitions or stands. Any give aways have to be creative and relevant and any product pitching gets shut down by the other participants. People will buy from you if they respect what you say, not what you pitch.

Each track lasts an hour, with 2 or 3 tracks running at the same time. You can move between tracks as you wish, it’s not considered rude and there is no need to stand on ceremony. Get what you want and move on, like an all you can eat buffet!

Find out more on #truMunity - A RecruitingDaily Company.