Standard Reports (2.0)

Updated Standard Reports deployed with modern dynamic Chart and Dashboard displays.


Summary Views

Gradual implementation of Summary View (as available within the Search and Candidate Selection Screen) deployed throughout Colleague 7.


Website - Job Search & Applications

Web pages which can be 'plugged' into your existing website that utilise the Colleague 7 API to offer an automated Requirement upload, Job search and Candidate application process.


Watch Dogs

Create search results and monitor the system to see whether records are added which match that criteria. Recieve notification in the event of updates.



Candidate & Contact Portals (1.0)

1st phase of Candidate & Contact portals introduced. Allowing for Candidates & Contacts to directly update contact information and documents held against their records.


Exec Search – Retainers

Option to create retainers against a Requirement and generate invoices from within Back Office.



Updates to the initial interface to introduce options to see more record detail including profile picture and summary view selected fields, as well as the option to create history.


Candidate & Contact Portals (2.0)

2nd phase of Candidate & Contact portal updates, allowing for access to searching, apply for roles and application history.


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