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The Director's Cut: Outside Recruitment - 25th September



Join our live webcast from the Barbican on the 25th September – The Director’s Cut: Outside Recruitment. 

In this exclusive premiere, progressive industry leaders share the ideas, innovations and inventions that are transforming the way people do business outside recruitment.

Hosted by Colleague Software and Social Talent, this is an event with a bit of a difference! The broadcast was recorded live in front of an audience of recruitment directors at The Barbican and features eight eclectic speakers from outside the recruitment industry.

Our superb range of business leaders included an organisational change and mind expert, a data assessment doctor, a digital marketing master, a former footballer turned performance consultant, a machine learning technologist, a executive leadership advisor, a website relationship builder and a social business advocacy expert. Find out more below... 

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Why watch:

- Industry leading speakers from outside recruitment.

- A range of short, passionate 'TED-style' talks that give immediate insight (only 20 minutes long each).

- Gain an edge with fresh perspectives on the latest trends.

- Watch all of our professionally recorded and edited cut on the 25th or just tune in for the speakers you are interested in. 



Johnny Campbell -Your host

Johnny Campbell

Johnny has worked as a recruiter in Ireland and the Caribbean but now runs Social Talent, the world’s leading provider of Online Recruitment Training. The Black Belt in internet recruitment is the leading sourcing qualification for the modern recruiter with nearly 10,000 Black Belts trained and certified.


Dave Hazlehurst - Getting goosebumps with your digital marketing

Dave Hazlehurst

Dave is hugely passionate about all things digital and thrives on exposing the powers of the ever-changing Digital Marketing world. As a Partner at digital marketing experts, Ph. Creative, and Co-Author of bestselling book ‘Getting Goosebumps,’ Dave looks at how to harness the power of human emotions and rational thinking to help businesses plan and execute digital strategies to attract, engage.


Jakub Zavrel - Deep learning, language technology and the accelerating future

Jakub Zavrel is founder and CEO of Textkernel, a company specialising in semantic technology, based in Amsterdam. With an R&D background in natural language processing, big data, machine learning, and semantic search, he and his team work on building technology for the future of global recruiting.


Tim Langley - How understanding your website visitors can help build stronger relationships

Tim Langley

Serial Entrepreneur, Tim Langley is Founder and CEO of Campaign and Digital Intelligence Limited (CANDDi). After graduating from Cambridge, Tim has owned and exited five businesses. Tim is an advocate of “small data” - working with organisations to help them identify the profitable insights and relationships which lurk within their website and CRM records.


David Bovis - Target driven behaviours and conflicting KPIs

David Bovis

Following an indentured engineering apprenticeship, David has spent nearly 30 years leading change around Europe. Expanding on WCM, Lean and Six Sigma. David has studied psychology and neuroscience to deliver a deeper understanding of organisational culture and performance. David established Duxinaroe Ltd to help leaders develop a psychologically congruent approach.


Paul McVeigh - High Performing Mind

Paul McVeigh

Paul McVeigh was a professional footballer for 16 years, playing for clubs such as Tottenham Hotspur, Burnley, Luton Town and Norwich City and gaining 40 caps internationally for Northern Ireland. Paul now works in the national media for the BBC, TalkSport, Sky Sports, and BT Sport. Paul has authored the ironically entitled book, ‘The Stupid Footballer is Dead’, and runs his own company, ‘ThinkPro’ – working on psychological development in Elite Sports, including Premier League teams.


Annabelle Atchison - Bringing Social Media Home

Annabelle Atchiston

Most people think Social Media is great because you can take out whatever you want. But it only really works for you if you give. Nowhere is this truer than when it comes to harnessing your best ambassadors, your employees. Annabelle Atchison is the founder of digital communications agency 42ponies. Her most recent book, "Social Business: about communities and collaboration", was released in 2014.


Niamh O’Keeffe - The importance of your First 100 Days

Niamh O'Keeffe

Niamh is the founder of First100, a leadership consultant, and published author of "Your First 100 Days" and "Lead your Team in your First 100 Days". Whilst working as an executive search consultant in London she had a compelling insight on all this time, money and effort invested in recruitment - but no one paying any attention to the importance of how to transition new hires effectively into a new organisation or into a step up promotion role.


Gorkan Ahmetoglu - What is quality data in assessment and how do I get it?

Dr Gorkan Ahmetoglu is a Lecturer of Business Psychology at University College London (UCL) and the co-founder of Meta Profiling Ltd., a company that provides personality profiling in order to identify people with entrepreneurial talent. Dr Ahmetoglu is a leading expert in psychological profiling and assessment and a business adviser and speaker in the areas of entrepreneurship, consumer decision-making, and marketing strategy.


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