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Recruiters, did you know you can find someone on Facebook using just a mobile number?



Facebook does like to keep its privacy settings rather private…. Did you know that in your Facebook privacy settings, under ‘Who can find me?’, the ability for anyone to find you using your mobile number is set as a default? 

Facebook Privacy Mobile Recruitiment

This is great for recruiters, ninjas and secret agents who have a mobile number but little else to go on. In turn this can give you access to user’s profile photos, location, name, numbers, education and more.

No doubt this is something which will cause quite a stir for users and privacy advocates. The Register reported yesterday that this process can be scripted to harvest publically available data automatically through Facebook’s API.

Beyond another Facebook privacy outcry, it does demonstrate yet again that with the advance of digital technology and social networks finding people has never been easier. In a world where ‘everyone’ can be found online, recruiters and recruitment database providers need to ask themselves, what value can they really add?