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Company: TechfellowLtd
Industry: Technology
Website: techfellow.co.uk

We started with a vision to change technology recruitment and search. In 2012 we put that in motion to change the game and tilt the field. We left our recruitment and search hats behind and built a company that actually understands what it takes. We bring a wealth of technology recruitment skill and DNA; we get it. We are the efficient and effective supply of rock-star and world-class technologists to innovative high-tech firms – across the globe. If our candidates and our clients don’t absolutely share common goals and values we don’t work with them. Seriously. We maintain a high-bar on both sides – very few do. We don’t blindly accept any candidate or any client and give them a number. That’s not our DNA. We shadow you – all the time. We’re partners – indefinitely. Don’t believe us? Then ask around…

I was just thinking this morning that after all these years (20!) of using Colleague, just how little consideration I give to the dependability of your product. Whilst I certainly do not take this for granted this reliability is probably the greatest testament to all the crew at Colleague Software, that and of course unmatched functionality. Well done all!
Paul Redman : Co-founder at Techfellow Limited