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Company: Rize Consulting
Industry: Information Communication Technology
Website: www.rize.co.uk

In 2005, a communications revolution was underway. YouTube was born, internet phones were developed and Google gave us a searchable world map. Technology was bringing people together in unprecedented ways. We recognised that technological developments, and increasing globalisation, would change the way recruitment worked. We saw an opportunity so, in 2005, we left our ICT recruitment roles and launched RIZE. We were passionate about building a client-focused business which would offer the best talent – compliantly – opportunities around the world. Our aim was to combine a professional and personal service. We wanted to have considered, entrenched values, and a culture to support them. And that’s just what we’ve done ever since.

In terms of the support I can make this real easy - I call them, my team calls them, it gets done. Nothing is ever a hassle or a huge problem. We've had a long relationship with you guys, you know us, we know you, we get onto the tech team - and the tech team sort it out for us.
Andy Hillery : Partner at Rize Consulting