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The Colleague Story

For almost twenty years we at Colleague Software have been driven by customer partnerships built on experience, knowledge and trust. Our customers have shaped and honed the recruitment software they expect from us.
Ben Vickers
Co-Founder at Blue Skies Services Limited

Everyone at Blue Skies has been very impressed by the Colleague team. David, Bal, Kris plus Trevor & Mike all seem to share a “can’t do too much” approach which has resulted in a highly satisfactory installation. Without Bal’s, Trevor’s and Mike’s commitment & attention to detail we‘d have soon run aground. We’re all looking forward to a first class relationship.

Lending credence to the phrase, ‘You’ve made it’, Colleague was developed in-house for Arena Resources in 1994 by Mike Granger and has been honed and shaped by niche recruiters ever since. 

When Arena Resources Ltd was acquired by Lorien PLC in 1996 Lorien’s management were so impressed with Colleague that they persuaded the Managing Director, Will Minns, to help them implement it across the group and Mike Granger, Colleague's creator, was permitted to sell Colleague to other recruitment businesses. After finishing his project with Lorien, Will founded online recruitment businesses Hy-phen.com in 1999, selling it to the Spring Group in 2001, and eventually returned to Colleague in 2002 after acquiring the IPR and setting up Colleague Software Ltd.

Since then our experience, flexibility and close relationship with recruitment leaders has put us ahead when it comes to understanding your needs. We’ve worked closely with our specialist clients, and thought leaders like Bill Boorman, to ensure we continue to remain innovative and adaptable in a rapidly evolving environment. Today we have over twenty people across three UK offices and Colleague is used by hundreds of specialist recruitment businesses who value a partner that is knowledgeable, trustworthy, reliable and indispensable.

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